Prairie Mountain Wildlife Studio
Chris and Felicia Cammack

Prairie Mountain Wildlife Studio Chris and Felicia Cammack

Along with taxidermy PMWS offers trophy room design and building. Many hunters have over one hundred full body mounts in their house.

What PMWS offers to do is go to their home, inventory the mounts that they have and talk about what the hunters hunting goals are for the next five to ten years.

Then with the information acquired we start working with an architect to design a room that will adequately display all of the trophies at present along with the trophies that the hunters hopes to acquire in the future. Once the size is decided then PMWS starts drawing ideas for what the room could look like.

Once the drawings match what the hunter would like his room to look like, a contract is signed and building can begin. By using the panels that PMWS manufactures we can create formations that resemble mountains. This allows PMWS to use all the space available for the mounts while also creating a very impressive diorama. <

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