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This painting of the rock is critical and ultimately the customer`s choice; perhaps a gray, speckled granite look is desired, or maybe a red desert sandstone look. Whether one color or many, Prairie Mountain is able to achieve a convincing scene of the animal in its own natural habitat. Color can be transitioned with the landscape of the mountain, from low desert areas for desert sheep to the snow-capped mountains for doll and stone species.

Although often requiring more space, the presence of animals can be used to create a virtual hunting trip around the world, with jungles, rainforests, deserts, prairies, mountains, Artic tundra, and savannas all in a single room. Artificial tree barks made of similar material to the rock can be used to add to the outdoor illusion. Additionally, artificial silk leaves add to the trees` authenticity. Whether it is a 6 foot aspen tree with a whitetail scraping it, a twisted acacia with a leopard lounging in it, or a 35 foot pine tree that is encasing a structural beam, all of these features complete the room.

Prairie Mountain uses natural dirts, sands, and mulches in combination with both preserved and high quality artificial plants and shrubs to mimic the natural landscape. Additionally, natural leaves, grasses, and pine needles are used to give the ground cover a realistic look. It is also important to consider the transition from the trophy room staged in the outdoors to the real-life living quarters of the house.

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