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Air-conditioning vents can be hidden inside of trees so that the leaves rustle when the air is on. When the Prairie Mountain team arrives on-site, there is already a plywood structure in place, and the rock façade is then built over it. It is recommended that the walls surrounding the diorama are plywood covered in sheetrock with no texture. This allows the mural artists to paint directly on the sheetrock.

Alternatively, the murals can be prepainted on a large canvas, and stretched and hung like wallpaper. Also, enlarged photos can be hung on smooth sheetrock. Pre-fabricated rock panels will be brought in as large sheets. Those panels will be screwed onto the plywood structure, wrapping it with rock panels and attaching the mounts so that they are displayed in a natural setting in perfect union, from hoof to rock.

Placement, elevation and direction of the mounts are all vital to bringing the room together. Animals are placed either in interaction with one another, or else looking into the center of the room. Once all of the rock panels and the mounts are placed, seams are pieced in until only very small gaps remain, which are then filled with expanding foam. The foam is cut and covered with an epoxy to make all seams disappear. Once the rock structure is finished, it is painted to achieve the desired look.

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