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Trophy Rooms Texas, Murals Trophy Room design and Build Processes - Prairie Mountain Wildlife StudioDesigning & Building World Class Trophy Room

After the initial walk-through and consultation, a scale model will be built, and can be used as a conceptual tool to plan placement of animals, trees, murals, and any extras. Once the scale model has been reviewed and approved, construction moves forward.

In many cases, the customer`s carpenter will frame in the plywood structure underneath the mountain. Having a carpentry background himself, Chris of Prairie Mountain can draw a set of plans for the carpenter to follow.

Alternatively, if Prairie Mountain is involved from the beginning stages, the house architect can simply draw the room in. While building the structure, one factor that should not be overlooked is the lighting, both from above and from within the displays.

Boulders in the foreground can be used to hide lights inside of the rocks or to backlight from the ground up. An electrician is always used to ensure local electrical codes are met.

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